Digital Ressources


DISHAS is a major digital project initiated by ALFA in collaboration with the partner projects Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus ( and HAMSI ( It aims at providing digital tool to critically edit and analyse sources in the history of astronomy beginning with astronomical tables. The platform will be ready to receive research data and display a complete public interface in the first semester of 2020.

The current public state of DISHAS can be consulted under this link.


The “survey” is the first and most fundamental of these tasks. Based on previous manuscript surveys (Thorndike, Zinner) and direct autopsy of new documents but not seeking comprehensiveness, our survey aims to provide an extended and more finely grained tool to identify works and manuscripts related to the production and circulation of Alfonsine astronomy. We collect basic codicological metadata on these manuscripts and, relying on the expertise of our team, describe their Alfonsine contents by identifying the works they contain.

In preparation to be published by the end of the project


Expanded manuscript description

The “Expanded manuscript descriptions” project aims at complementing the information of the survey by providing for a sample of manuscripts a more precise and qualitative study of these documents. These descriptions address the material, graphical and intellectual organization of astronomical manuscripts as a way to understand their production process and document different contexts of practices for alfonsine astronomy.

In preparation to be published by the end of the project

ALFA Bibliography

This is a working set of bibliographical references connected to the study of Alfonsine astronomy. Imbedded in Zotero the bibliography can be consulted under this link.