Internal seminars 2018

Observatoire de Paris
77 avenue Denfert-Rochereau, 75014 Paris

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September 20, salle Danjon, 10.00-12.00
James C. Evans (University of Puget Sound, USA), Greek and Babylonian Astronomy on the Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera Mechanism is a gear-work astronomical display that was built probably in the second or early first century BCE, lost in a shipwreck around 60 BCE, and recovered by divers in 1901. In the last few decades it has been the subject of an intensive research effort that is international in scope.  The Mechanism represents a geometrical, Greek view of the cosmos, with the planets ranged above the Earth in the order we would expect. However, much of the underlying mathematics is of Babylonian origin. This talk will present evidence that the non-uniform motion of the Sun around the Earth was represented by means of a zodiac ring divided nonuniformly, but consistently with the Babylonian solar theory of system A. In the Babylonian theory, the Sun has a fast zone (in which it moves at a constant speed of 30 degrees per synodic month) and a slow zone (in which it moves at a constant speed of 28.125 degrees per synodic month).  There are abrupt changes of speed twice a year. We will also examine the way in which eclipse times were probably calculated for the mechanism and see that it is based on a Greek modification of Babylonian methods.

July 23, Salle du Conseil, 9.30-11.30
Églantine Charmetant (Observatoire de Paris), Encoding a manuscript entry in a research context: the case of  BnF Latin 7281 

June 25, Salle du Levant, 9.30-11.30
Anuj Misra (Observatoire de Paris), Early modern exchanges in Sanskrit astral sciences

May 17, 9.30-11.30, Salle du Levant
Laure Miolo (Observatoire de Paris), On the edition of John of Genoa astronomical work

June 15, Salle du conseil , 9.30-11.30
Margaret Gaida (Universiy of Oklahoma), Canons and commentary: John of Saxony contributions to the teaching of astrology at medieval universities

June 8,  Visio conf, 10.00-12.00
Patrick Andrist (UML, Munich), Visualization tools for manuscript structure: a presentation of STruViMan

June 4, Salle du Conseil, 9.30-11.30
Pietro Liuzzo (Hamburg University), “La syntaxe du codex”and TEI. Models, mappings and visualization tools

May 28, 14.00-16.00, Salle du Conseil
Silvia Pietroni (Observatoire de Paris), Equation of times tables in the Alfonsine tradition