ALFA Internal Seminar: Developing DH approaches in the history of mathematical astronomy

Org. Ségolène Albouy, Matthieu Husson

Observatoire de Paris, 77, avenue Denfert-Rochereau, 75014 Paris

This seminar is open to the public and exclusively online. You may contact if you are interested in attending one of the session


The ALFA project is deeply integrated in the broader framework of digital humanities. As such, it uses and implements state-of-the-art digital tools and develops new products for data administration, research methods and text publication purposes.

The ALFA digital seminar aims at building a common space of discussion, education and training on the digital tools and developments of the project. Although this seminar is an opportunity to build together our digital practices within the team of the project, most of the sessions will be of a broader interest – for researcher and engineers.


Tuesday, October 18

Online | 14h-17h30

Data visualization: online tools to explore data visually

Workshop session animated by Ségolène Albouy, Ingénieur d’études ALFA


Tuesday, November 15

Online | 14h-17h30

Medieval skies under (book)cover: updates on the digital exhibition

Workshop session animated by Ségolène Albouy, Ingénieur d’études ALFA


Tuesday, January 10

Online | 14h-17h30

VHS project: platform for diagram annotation

Fouad Aouinti, Research engineer in the VHS team


Tuesday, February 14

Online | 14h-17h30

Kanon & DISHAS workshop

Presentation by Matthieu Husson


Tuesday, March 14

Online | 14h-17h30

Tools for diagram edition: how to digitally reproduce and animate astronomical diagrams

Samuel Gessner, Researcher in the Center for History of Science and Technology, Universidade de Lisboa


Tuesday, April 11

Online | 14h-17h30

Gephi: exploring Almagest manuscripts as networks

Workshop session animated by Stefan Zieme, Researcher at Humboldt Universität, Matters of Activity


Tuesday, May 16

Online | 14h-17h30

ειδα: building an initial dataset for Machine Learning applications with VGG annotation

Speaker to determine


Tuesday, June 13

Online | 14h-17h30

Presentation of the results in progress within the framework of an internship

Speaker to determine


Tuesday, July 20

Online | 14h-17h30

ειδα: defining a format for an initial dataset for EIDA

Digital engineer in charge of EIDA development