Introduction to astronomy and astrology seminar (BnF/ALFA)

Org. Laure Miolo, Alexandre Tur

Observatoire de Paris

77 avenue Denfert-Rochereau, 75014 Paris

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This seminar is coorganised by the ERC-project ALFA and the Manuscripts department of the Bibliothèque nationale de France. It aims at providing an introduction to medieval astronomy and astrology by a cursory reading of original sources, which will be contextualised, explained and commented all along the sessions. Each session will be divided into two parts: the first one will be dedicated to a presentation given by a researcher about his/her current research linked to the history of astral sciences in a broad approach (art history, history of the book, history of texts and history of practices); the second part will include an introduction to astronomical and astrological medieval theories and concepts through a reading of selected sources which will be displayed and commented during the session. Three different afternoons are scheduled. Each of them will be devoted to a specific astronomical and astrological theme to be studied and discussed during the seminar for a better comprehension of late medieval astral sciences.

This seminar is open to students in Master degree or PhD and any interested researcher. However, as the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 15, registration is mandatory. If you want to attend this seminar, please send an e-mail to Pascale Baudoin at mentioning your name and the dates of the sessions you are interested in. We will confirm your registration by an e-mail with the details of the location and the room.




  • Thursday, April 18


Laure Rioust (to be confirmed)

15h10-18h00, technical and documentary aspects

Daily motion phenomena and spherical astronomy and astrology

MS Latin 7195 ; MS Français 613

Alexandre Tur, Laure Miolo, Jean-Patrice Boudet, Matthieu Husson


  • Tuesday, June 25


Richard Kremer

15h10-18h00, Technical and documentary aspects

Planetary phenomena and introduction to their astronomical and astrological study

MS Français 2078-2079 ; MS Français 2013

Alexandre Tur, Laure Miolo, Jean-Patrice Boudet, Matthieu Husson


  • Thursday, Octobre 10


Jean-Patrice Boudet

15h10-18h00, Technical and documentary aspects

Eclipses, conjonctions : special celestial events and their horoscopes

Français 2013 et Français 2078-2079.

Alexandre Tur, Laure Miolo, Jean-Patrice Boudet, Matthieu Husson