ALFA Internal Seminar: Developing DH approaches in the history of mathematical astronomy

Org. Ségolène Albouy, Matthieu Husson

Observatoire de Paris, 77, avenue Denfert-Rochereau, 75014 Paris

This seminar is open to the public, however due to the current sanitary restrictions it will be accesible only through virtual participation. If you want to participate in this way please register at least 48h in advance by writting a message to We will send you the contact information.

We hope to be able to welcome colleagues in Paris Observatory as soon as possible!


The ALFA project is deeply integrated in the broader framework of digital humanities. As such, it uses and implements state-of-the-art digital tools and develops new products for data administration, research methods and text publication purposes.

The ALFA digital seminar aims at building a common space of discussion, education and training on the digital tools and developments of the project. Although this seminar is an opportunity to build together our digital practices within the team of the project, most of the sessions will be of a broader interest – for researcher and engineers.


Tuesday, October 20

Online | 14h-17h30

DIPS (Dishas Interactive Parameter Squeezer): introduce the tool in its most advanced version and discuss more advanced uses for the calculation of ephemerides.

Presentation by Svyatoslav Covanov, Ingénieur d’études ALFA

Tuesday, November 24

Online | 14h-17h30

Computer vision: introducing research areas for the use of artificial intelligence for the analysis of the alfonsine corpus.

Presentation by Tristan Dot, Ingénieur d’études ALFA

Tuesday, December 15

Online | 14h-17h30

Heurist platform: presentation of the tool and how to use it. Use within the ALFA project

Workshop session animated by Ségolène Albouy, Digital project manager ALFA

Tuesday, February 23

Online | 14h-17h30

EnHerit annotation tool: presentation and introduction of the automatic image annotation tool thanks to artificial intelligence.

Presentation by Tom Monnier, PhD student at ENPC & Pierre-Guillaume Raverdy, Ingénieur de recherche INRIA

Tuesday, March 23

Online | 14h-17h30

Extended manuscripts: creation of discovery paths of alfonsin manuscripts for the construction of an interactive platform.

Lada Muraveva, PhD student at EPHE

Tuesday, April 20

Online | 14h-17h30

Kibana workshop: how to manage and visualize DISHAS data using Kibana.

Workshop session animated by Ségolène Albouy, Digital project manager ALFA

Tuesday, May 25

Online | 14h-17h30

Integration of historical Calendars: challenges and updates.

Presentation by Ségolène Albouy & Stefan Müller, Engineer Ptolemaus Arabus et Latinus

Tuesday, June 22

Online | 14h-17h30

Huma-Num and Nakala: Making DISHAS research data “As Fair As Possible”.

Presentation by Léa Périssier, Intern within the ALFA team

Tuesday, July 20

Online | 14h-17h30

OpenRefine: presentation and introduction to the tool.

Speaker to determine