DISHAS initial datasets

Org. Matthieu Husson

Place: online/Paris Observatory




After 3 years of development DISHAS (Digital Information System for the History of Astral Sciences) will be ready in early 2020 to receive its initial data set. This primary input of historical tables inside DISHAS is essential and sensible for many reasons of which the two following are most important: first, it will be a test to the scale of the platform with genuine historical data; second, this data set will be the scientific core around which future addition will be aggregated. Thus, one aim of the 2020 DISHAS international workshop is to gather a core group of scientific contributors to the platform with its technical team and think collectively and strategically about the selection of table sets which will form the primary scientific content of DISHAS. Contributors to the initial data set of DISHAS will be invited to present tables set from different cultures and discuss how they can be best implemented in the database. In particular it will be important to distinguish data sets that we can implement on a short or medium term, based on already (critically) edited material, and data sets that will require more time because they are based on manuscript sources and will be “native” digital editions. Technical and practical sessions of the workshop will be dedicated to these aims.  The workshop is adapted in five online sessions each devoted to discussion of a specific point in both a strategic and technical/practical way.


Wednesday June 3, 2020 9h-11h

Matthieu Husson, Galla Topalian, Ségolène Albouy, Svyat Covanov

Presentation of the new platform, update on the project


Wednesday June 10, 2020 9h-11h

Matthieu Husson

First tables sets to implement with respect to the history of Astronomical tables in Latin sources


Wednesday June 17, 2020 9h-11h

Clemency Montelle, AJ Misra, Sahana Cidambi, Kim Polfker

Astronomical tables in Sanskrit sources: specific challenges


Wednesday June 24, 2020 9h-11h

Li Liang

Astronomical tables sets in the Chinese sources


Wednesday July 1, 2020 9h-11h

Benno van Dalen

Astronomical tables sets in the Arabic sources